[Closed] Pi3 - Heat Problem

I’m a new owner of a Raspberry Pi 3 witch I used to install OSMC.

Everything was okay until this afternoon when it came to heat a lot without any reason.
Let me explain, I used the raspberry Pi to look at some 480p live for few hours, without any truble (I don’t have any Heatsink), I didn’t had any heat.

But today when I woke up my Raspberry Pi, she started to make an electrical sound and show a lightning. At this moment I just cut out the power and I felt some heat from the Raspberry

I wait a little bit, and I chose to power my Raspberry with my Samsung Charger (5V- 2Amp) instead of my pull down, witch can pull up to 4A with my 12V-6A power.

But during the boot, my Rasp was already getting hot, and when it got to the main menu, it was showing the thermometer so I turned off my Rasp and tried to reinstall a fresh OSMC on it, but I had the same problem at the moment it booted up.

Do you have any idea for my problem ?

Thanks a lot


(Sorry if there is some problems in my writing, I’m not English)

If you ever powered the from 12V it will be damaged. Overheating even when powered from 5v afterwards can be a symptom of overvoltage.
Only use 5V powersupplies for the pi!

Edit: If you used a step down converter to get the voltage down to 5V, be sure to measure the voltage while the raspberry is running to avoid overvoltage.

Also look for shorts on the board.

Thanks for the answer
If over voltage is a symptom, then it’s my problem unfortunately.
Maybe my step down converter (witch was at 5.1 Without load/5.02 with the Rasp) had a problem when I powered it and damaged it …

Too bad, I already liked my Raspberry Pi…