Cloud sync client on pi 3

I have a raspberry pi 3 with OSMC os installed. It have a armv71, so it is not a 32 or 64 bit cpu.

I looking for a cloud client (e.g. dropbox, gdrive, mega, etc…) that is able to be installed on this device. I need only the daemon (without any graphic interface).

My goal is to synchronize files from mobile device, when I am not in my LAN connection.

I have tryed to use DBMC (a kodi addon) but it cannot syncrinze the files and corrupt some file after download (i don’t know why…).

A plus could be the compatibility with android devices and Windows os.


Syncthing perhaps i use it daily and i love it :slight_smile:

both linux and windows and android clients available but its a sync client so no server needed and no large corporation to host it only you and your devices.

I forget to say, I need that this sync use the 80 port :frowning:
Looking for Syncthing, it use others ports :frowning:

define it in the config