Codec License Installation Status

Hey Folks,

I would love to see a green tick symbol in My OSMC settings, confirming the installation of both codec licenses. At the moment I can add a license code but I have no idea if the codec has been activated other than either playing a file or going into the command line.


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for codec in H264 MPG2 WVC1 MPG4 MJPG WMV9 ; do echo -e "$codec:\t$(vcgencmd codec_enabled $codec)"; done

Look a little bit closer and you will find that whilst we do not have a tick symbol, it does clearly state in the Pi settings in My OSMC whether the codecs are enabled or not.

Note: after entering the code you must reboot for it to become active, thus it will not be reported as enabled until after the reboot. There is no way for us to “test” your code to see if it is valid before rebooting, so we couldn’t display a tick or similar immediately after it is entered.

If I remember correctly, after I installed the licences , the operation bar that comes up at the bottom of the screen when a file is being played and the mouse is moved, has information just above it on the right hand side showing the types of video and audio in the file that were not there before loading the licences.