Color flickering in iPhone Video files


i have a problem with color flickering/variations when playing 4k Videos which were recorded with iPhone.

I‘m using a Vero4k on latest stable Build and a LG OLED C7 TV (its a 2017 model)

i primary have this effect while playing iphone-video files…

any hint what i can do?

uploaded a video on wetransfer so you can get your own impression.


thx in advance

So this is an iPhone video of an iPhone video being played? Can you post the original video?

yes because otherwise i cant show you the flickering on my tv :slight_smile:

the flickering only occurs when playing via kodi/Vero4k. on iOS Devices and on my PC with several video players, no issues. other 4k stuff is playing well most of the times but sometimes i have this „color flickering“ in other 4k material as well. but for simulating, the iPhone video files are the best to show the effect.

will post the original file tomorrow.

Ok thanks. Then we can see if the effect is peculiar to your TV. Are you saying videos are playing OK from PC to your TV or just on the PC’s monitor?

pc monitor, which is a full hd monitor.

the reason i connect it to the combination of my tv and vero/kodi is the fact, that the effect dont occur if i play the same video file with the internal media player of my tv.

I would suspect the HDMI cable(s). Try spraying some contact cleaner on the plugs and sockets and/or swap the cables.

No the HDMI Cable is not the problem.

I’ve converted the Raw iPhone video file into 1080p x264 and x265. Both playing fine on Vero without artifacts and color flickering. But the raw footage plays with color flickering and some artifacts. The raw video file is playing fine without those problems on the internal TV media player.
So i guess it’s a setting/problem within Vero/Kodi.

I’ve uploaded the three files.
Raw iPhone Video File (unedited, color flickering and some artifacts).
x264 1080p Version (converted with Handbrake, playing with no issues).
x265 1080p Version (converted with Handbrake, playing with no issues).

Thx in advance

I can confirm the raw video doesn’t play well here. However, it does play OK with Kodi Matrix and the 4.9 kernel. I’m guessing AMLogic have improved playback of level 5 HEVC.

Please don’t ask when these will be released :wink:

I can absolutely live with that. Thanks for the clarification :slight_smile:
Wanted to make sure it’s not a setting thing which i missed.

Looking forward to the updates we’ll get.


LIkewise I have the same issue with the RAW video, it does not play well here (Vero4K+ > Yamaha AVR > LG OLED TV). I also did a quick Handbrake 4K to 4K conversion using the apple 4K preset ‘Apple 2160p60 4K HEVC Surround’ with frame rate altered to match the source and the problem disappeared, Here is the media info (LHS=after, RHS=before)

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Interesting, thanks. @vOlvOx 's re-encode retained the variable framerate but converted level 5 to level 4. Your re-encode retained level 5 but converted to constant framerate. Hopefully these issues will be left behind with Matrix/4.9.

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