Color Gamut LG OLED


which Color Gamut Setting is the correct one on an LG OLED C9 when using OSMC. “Wide” or “Auto”.

I think “Wide” uses Rec.2020. Does the OSMC UI uses Rec.709 ? Is there any Setting within OSMC?

Thank you very much


Educated guesswork (based on my LG G6’s behaviour): “Auto” probably means "use rec.709 gamut if the input signal is rec.709, and use rec.2020 gamut if the input signal is rec.2020”; “Wide” probably means “ignore what the input signal says to use and always use rec.2020 gamut whether it makes sense or not”. So, regardless of what OSMC is doing, you should set it to Auto.

(For the record, the standard OSMC UI screens use rec.709).

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