Coming from Raspmbc... How's Stability?

Finally coming over from raspbmc now that I have a raspberry pi 2. Thought about trying OpenElec but immediately found out you can’t even install flexget on OpenElec 5.x unless you compile your own because distutils has been removed from it. No go right off the bat.

I’ve been running raspbmc for quite some time (feels like 2 years-ish). I keep the thing running for 2 months at a time before rebooting. Is the stability on OSMC that good yet?

I’m running both RP-2 and Vero side by side and am finding the RP-2 faster, more stable and capable of playing all formats of video including 1080P H.264. The Vero has trouble keeping up with some video and tends to crash more than the PI-2 necessitating a hard boot. The menus are also slower on the Vero than the PI-2.
I’m assuming this will change as the software is updated in future Vero/Kodi releases but as of now the PI-2, even the PI-B of mine, outperforms the Vero in many respects.

Does it run without crashing/freezing/memory leaks for months at a time like raspmbc?

Yes - I have restarted OSMC on RPi only when I choose to update and even then not all updates require restart.
I ran RC1 for about 4 weeks solid I think and delayed update to RC2 on the main RPi until there were plenty of reports saying that it was running well.

Sorry Steph2en I didn’t read your original post close enough. I am running OSMC in both RP-2 and the Vero.
So far I am quite pleased with OSMC in the RP-2 and no issues with freezing/crashing. Although it hasn’t run for more than a few days in a row without being rebooted because of updates etc.

For me it has been decent I usually have Kodi crash about once a week with the sad face screen. Unfortunately it is such a long time between crashes that I may never get a debug log to get it fixed since I refuse to have the debug overlay on the screen for that long.

You don’t have to be stuck with the overlay while debugging.

RC2 has been perfectly stable for me, and was ridiculously easy to setup. I reboot about once per week.

I think Sam and the team have done a terrific job so far. Hats off!

Good to hear. I’m currently in the processing of setting up a handful of RPi2s for friends and family and was contemplating whether I would load the last RaspBMC version (which I’m still personally using), or the OSMC RC2 - or wait until OSMC goes to a final, stable release (but I don’t know how long that would be).

After reading this, I think I’m going to load OSMC - in the hopes that when the final stable version is released, my friends & family can update themselves without any issues (they don’t live in the same city as me and aren’t very ‘techy’).

Thanks again to Sam and the team for everything you’ve done!

Raspbmc does not support RPi2, so thats not an option any way :slight_smile:

Wow! Good to know. I thought that they had implemented RPi2 support. Thanks… you probably just saved me a ton of grief!