Command Line Screen Disappears In Osmc


I am trying to access the command line interface using the alt + F3 keys but the screen disappears after a few seconds when trying to enter the login details and goes back into Osmc. I have a problem with a missing python module “Crypto” for the netflix add on.

Usually you’d use CTRL + ALT + F(x) to change virtual terminal under a Linux distribution with a windowing system.

On OSMC things are a bit different – we don’t have such a windowing system. You can follow @Tom_Doyle’s suggestion above.



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Hi Sam,

Apologies for not making my problem clear. Usually it’s accessing the command line screen at the OSMC splash screen by pressing the ESC key which did not work for me. I tried another suggestion on another thread by using the ALT + F3 keys and it works, only for the command line screen to exit after a few seconds and go into OSMC.

The screen will jump back if no successful login within 30 seconds.
Generally it’s much easier to manage the device via SSH then physically.
Also as written before on a normal OSMC install without Desktop environment Alt-F3 should do nothing.

IIRC after hitting Esc you have a fairly short time to start (or finish) typing your username but then the ‘standard’ timeout for the login procedure applies while you type your password.