Command-line screen is overscanned, type-face much too small

Greetings all …

I recently purchased a couple of Raspberries Pi 2s to replace two of my four other aging Raspberries Pi, and then upgraded the Media Centre RPi2 from KODL to OSMC.
I have noted that the command-line screen (i.e. Exit -> [Esc]) now has a typeface size that is much too small to read, and the the command-line screen is severely overscanned, such that the left-hand-most four or five characters are missing.

Somehow I vaguely remember knowing how to change these characteristics in Android or some other Linux, but I have had no joy in RPi-OSMC. So the questions are:

  • how do we changed the overscan to an underscan in the underlying OS for OSMC?
  • how do we set a different font-typeface size?

Many thanks in anticipation.

Kenneth Spencer

Turn off overscan on your TV, Just Scan, 1:1 , Just Fit or whatever the TV manufacturer chooses to call it.

What exactly do you want to do on the commandline while using a full hd tv?

I’d suggest to use ssh to use the commandline if you have to.

Edit: also check that there are no overscan options set in /boot/config.txt in addition to Dilligaf’s suggestion.

Dilligaf: Thanks.I give my action that worked below.
mcobit: There are lots of reasons for requiring the commandline, but they are not of any influence on the question. I already use ssh of course, but that is for a remote PC/device.

I changed/added the following lines into the /boot/config.txt file and it resolves both issues:

Kenneth Spencer