Command line with no keyboard

Is there a way to enter command line from osmc with no keyboard?
I have rPlay in the background and I use my smartphone and Have no esc button.
If I connect and try with a keyboard it restarts osmc all the time


It’s quite hard to understand what you are asking.

Are you looking for a way to log into the Linux command line without plugging in a keyboard ? In that case you want to use ssh from your PC.

You can use JuiceSSH on your idevice or android !

Thanks! what do i write in the terminal to exit osmc?

exit :smile:

not working from ssh

Just to be clear, what do you exactly mean by exit osmc?

If it is Kodi you want to stop, then it is

sudo systemctl stop mediacenter

I got it work with following:

sudo initctl stop kodi

Sorry if I was not clear enough. Im running rPlay in the background but kodi stays like a layer on top of my mirrored screen. Did not find a way to go to the terminal from kodi because I dont have a keyboard that is needed to press escape when exit from kodi.
I now use an app on my phone where I can stop kodi from the terminal ssh