Commercial Bluray playback from external BD drive?

Is there currently any way to play commercial BD disks from and external drive attached to the Vero4K+?
I’ve a collection of over 400 BD disks, and I’d love to be able to play them on the Vero without having to rip them to my NAS. Im not too bothered about menus.

Currently getting “Playback failed- This Bluray disk is encrypted and cant be played”
I believe OSMC has libbluray already installed and I’ve copied keydb.cfg into /home/osmc/.config/aacs

Is there anything else I need to do to get my commercial disks to play?

Some logs should help.
You should be able to play encrypted discs, but not BD-J menus.

Enabled debug logging.
Went to MyOSMC, select all logs, and upload logs now, and it displays -


What now?

The log is too large. Reboot and try again

Thanks Sam,
I disabled some add-ons, rebooted, and tried to play the disk.
Went to My OSMC and choose upload logs now.
Same URL is displayed

Got it this time -

It’s possible there’s no AACS key for your title:

Mar 06 19:13:19 osmc-ggr mediacenter[372]: aacs.c:470: Error calculating media key. Missing right processing key ?

This seems to be the latest and greatest KEYDB still:

That did it!
Thanks Sam.

Out of curiosity, will this also work for UHD bluray playback?


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