Commercial skipping (Comskip)

As we have a tvheadend add on, would it be possible to be able to add comskip to osmc (Commercial detection in recorded movies and TVshow) as it is already part of Kodi.
This would make it the perfect match for the best TV software out-there.

There is a port of comskip to linux here.

I have tried to compile it myself but i am failing miserably here




That’s built against ffmpeg, and a specific version at that. That means it would only work for software decoded (or ffmpeg accelerated) content


I would plan to do the commercial detection overnight on my recorded content from Tvheadend when my device is seating idle. i would not mind if it was slow.

OK i am getting somewhere. I realised i do not have the right ffmpeg libraries they are too old i need

equested ‘libavutil >= 54.7’ but version of libavutil is 54.3.0
Requested ‘libavformat >= 56.4’ but version of libavformat is 56.1.0

Those versions are in jessie backported but i will certainly break completely my system, if i decide to install jessie backported. Any idea when we will move to those versions?