Commercial skipping not working since October update

This is probably a Kodi 18.4 issue, but since the Oct update my Vero 4k is not skipping commercials.
I have been using Comskip generated .txt files for commercial marking. I also tried generating .edl files with the same result

Have you gone through the Kodi edl wiki and made sure your files are in the correct format?

Aside from that iā€™m not sure what you expect anyone here to do without providing a debug log (turn on debugging, reboot twice, perform the action that is not working correctly, upload full logs).

First thing OP should do is test this function on a different platform. This will confirm if the issue is with OSMC or Kodi.

This is known to be broken in 18.4 and should be fixed in the upcoming 18.5 release:


Thanks for confirming.