Compilation of vero-linux kernel from GitHub


I am trying to compile the vero-linux source (GitHub - osmc/vero-linux). I cannot find any specific configuration for the kernel.

Could you share the “.config” that you used in the last compilation of it?

I have compiled the latest kernel of solid-run 4.4 but I have problems with systemd. I think that maybe my configuration is not good for the version 215 of systemd. I will be very glad if you can share the configuration because I can use it as a starting point.

Thanks you very much.

PD: As I said in the other post I tried to create it in the development section, but I am not allowed to do that.


I found the configuration of the kernel in the boot partition of the SD-Card after installing the latest kernel.

I was looking for the configuration in arch/arm/configs/… where normally the configs are.