Compile Kodi only without addons

How do I compile Kodi only without the addons and without re-pulling the source everytime and creating a full package?

If I do a make vero3 e.g. in mediacenter-osmc it cleans the directory, pulls the kodi source (I see were it does it in the script) and then starts fresh, compiling kodi with all the addons and creating a package.

I just want to compile the OSMC kodi itself and it should continue where it left of in case of an error. I had figured this out years ago, but simply forgot.

Reason: I updated to 20.5 from 17.6 and need to do some patches for my personal usage, test them, adjust them, fix compile errors, rise wash repeat.

I assume you do this quite often, so what’s the “official” OSMC method here?

You can chroot in to the toolchain and then run make.

This will just re-build Kodi