Compile kodi with osmc's patches


I’m trying to compile personalized kodi package using tools in github. I can’t find any documentation but I think to create a kodi package for rbp2 I must execute bash script in /osmc/pacakges/mediacenter-osmc/ like this:

./ rbp2

It starts, create toolchain, patch source of kodi and it start cross-compilation but It fails with error:

“/bin/bash: …/…/…/tools/depends/native/JsonSchemaBuilder/bin/JsonSchemaBuilder: No such file or directory”

How can I fix it?

If I’m not wrong JsonSchemaBuilder binary must be compiled to host but the script remove kodi source and download it each time I execute that script and I don’t know how fix it.


Sorry for my English.

PD: System Debian Jessie Multiarch at date


Try this.

mount and chroot in armv6l-toolchain-osmc.

cd /mnt/osmc/package/mediacenter-osmc/kodi/xbmc-14.2-Helix/

make -C tools/depends/native/JsonSchemaBuilder/
cp tools/depends/native/JsonSchemaBuilder/bin/JsonSchemaBuilder /usr/local/bin
chmod 775 /usr/local/bin/JsonSchemaBuilder