Complete newbie advice please

Currently have a Nvidia shield this little device has really caught my eye the benefits in this investment are clear to see but I have no idea about the OS never used it.

Can I use apps like youtube? and vpns like turbovpn ip vanish ?


Are you referring to the Vero4K?

Yes there is an addon for youtube and there are also VPNs (like openvpn) supported.
But the OS is not Android so you would not use Android Apps but either Kodi Addons or Linux Applications

Sorry yes the Vero 4k.

Which vpn’s run on the device though as thats quite important thanks.

Hi Richard,

I believe you sent us a message on Twitter.

OSMC can utilise OpenVPN, which means that you’ll be able to use any provider that offers VPN support. That should be all popular VPN services.


Yeah just replied sounds good thanks