Component Out ability for next Update?

Ciao everybody,

would it be possible to include the option to choose the “Component out” for the Video Output?

That would be a blessing. I am trying to manage it through by ssh but i can’t figure out how to send the “xorg.conf” File, i created by Copying this Text* into a notepad File and changing its name to “xorg.conf”.

Sam you are top noth, for real

Thanks for reading


Support for the Apple TV has been discontinued so there won’t be any more updates

Component out can be configured but this needs to be done manually via SSH

Ciao Sam,

yes i figured that one.
Why you drop Appletv it’s such a nice companion?

It’s 11 years old and doesn’t have enough resources to work as a media player in 2018

I just came back from Spain where the ATV1 entertained my whole Family thanks to your December Update.

Can you tell me how i can copy the “xorg.conf” into the “/etc/X11/”?
I have PuTTy connected and copied the File via USB into my Movies Folder.

But i don’t know how to locate the File in PuTTy and the copy it to “/etc/X11/”.

Thank you for your niceness


copy the file to osmc-home dir, ssh into your atv, sudo cp xorg.conf /etc/X11/

Ciao Joakim,

thank you too, it worked!
It was like super difficult to get my head around that ssh stuff, but in the end it seems so easy. Thanks.
So for the Moment it seems the ATV1 got all it needs.
(After i joined your community 1 Year ago (thanks for the Badge))
But Time will tell.
Anyway I hope that you can’t really drop that lovely piece of technology sam.
But even if, you are the men.
I even told my parents about those people that bring back life to beautiful hardware by giving it working software. Thats so nice in so much ways.