Composite out help For OSMC or openelec (Solved)


New to RaspberryPI and OSMC/Openelec. I have the Raspberry PI3 that I am trying to use a media center. I installed Rasbian, OSMC, and Openelect through NOOBS. I followed other instructions here and other places to figure out how to do composite out (I’ve done a clean install with only Composite out and one with HDMI where I switch it later to Composite out (shift/4 during start-up). Both of these methods worked where I was able to get Composite out, but only during the OS selection screen and Rasbian if I select that “OS”.

The problem is that no signal is transmitted through composite when I select OSMC or openelec. When I reconnect HDMI it seems everything started up find so I need to someone tell both of these programs to use composite output.

As stated I can get a good composite signal through Rasbian and the start-up screen. I think I am just missing some settings that I need to change for Openelec and OSMC,

Thanks for your help.

Best ask on the OpenELEC forum. This forum is for OSMC.

Thanks for the help. of course I misspoke when I said XBMC above. I have since changed the post to read OSMC. I am trying to get help with either program at this time but preferably OSMC.


If you are configuring config.txt via NOOBS, you need to make sure you do it for the correct OS.

The simplest way may be to use of the official download method from Download - OSMC.

Well that did it. I did not realize that there were multiple config files depending on which OS i selected. I feel pretty stupid after that one. So all i needed to do was to select the OS first (e.g. OSMC or openelec) and then click on edit config. I added sdtv_mode=0 for my NTSC TV and then comment out the Forced HDMI that NOOBS added.

Thanks again!

Please drop openelec from you vocabulary here. OSMC is not openelec. You should take a few moments to investigate why. Details such as this matter when discussing these technical issues.

Great to hear!

We know you will love OSMC – let us know if you have any more questions