Comskip on RPI3/B

Has anyone successfully installed Comskip on a Raspberry Pi 3/B+ on any recent installations of OSMC (such as the Aug 2023 release)?

I tried following the process defined here:

and received an error that these packages have unmet dependencies:

rpb2-mesa-osmc : Conflicts: libegl1, libgl1, and libg1x0

My hope is to use Comskip with TVHeadend to generate the .txt files for use by the Kodi front-end.

Thanks in advance,

This is fixed in the staging repository and will be made available as part of the next update.

FANTASTIC news! Thank you.

Following the instructions given in the link above doesn’t work, even with the newest OSMC v.2023.12 – I get to the very end and attempting to “make comskip” gives me errors, such as "nothing to be done for ‘install-data-am’.

If anyone can provide current instructions for installing it, I would be very grateful.