Concerns about Vero 4k

Hi Sam

I want to buy Vero 4k badly but I have one concern about flickering subtitles in every Kodi version I use on my Philips POS 9002 TV.
I write more about this problem here: Problem with subtitles when watching HDR movies
No one knows how to help me :frowning:
I’m afraid there will be problem with flickering/blinking subtitles on Vero4k also.
Maybe you’ll be able to calm me down and I buy Vero 4k even today.
PS: Maybe someone have this TV and could help me with this decision.

Best regards

Your TV could be responsible for the “flickering”. Sony TVs have a setting called Xtended-Dynamic-Range which is a kind of pseudo-HDR. If enabled, subtitles are more or less bright - depending on the scene. BUT there is no flickering here, it’s more like pumping the brightness slowly up and down.

Maybe your Philips TV has a similiar function.

Do you have a specific file that induces flickering?
I’m sure some Sony TV owners could try the clip on their Vero 4K and report back.

There is of course a money back guarantee. If you’re not happy, you can return it to us for a full refund. Returns are not enjoyable for anyone, so we make the process as easy as possible. I suspect you won’t need to exercise this however.



Thx for answer but…the Sony TV problem is something else…I think
In my case…subtitles dissapear for miliseconds and appear. There are longer perdiods when this doesn’t occur but those are seconds.

This sittuations occours in all 4k HEVC x265 HDR content only in KODI, SPMC, FTMC. On MX Player, Archos Player, VLC and other non-kodi players on my android 6.0 Philips 2017 TV subtitles are ok.

This is my debug log from KODI 18:

Mayby You see there someting weird?

But if there is a possibility to rerutn and full refound I order one:slight_smile:
PS: If I order today…there is possibility to deliver it to Poland before 31.12.2017?

Thx for answer

Best regards


You haven’t tested it on OSMC however or specified which Kodi devices had problems.
If you supply a clip that has the problem, I am sure it can be tested.

As per our returns policy:

  • After receipt of your order, you can inform us of your intent to return it within 14 days. You then have 28 days after this date to return the item.
  • You can return the item as long as it is in a like new condition.
  • You have to pay the return postage, but you will receive a full refund of the price you paid.

See Returns Policy and Terms of Sale - OSMC

Unfortunately you would receive your item in early January. As soon as your order ships (likely tomorrow morning), you’ll receive a tracking number. We’re working hard to get everything out of the door quickly, but unfortunately only those who ordered in the UK will see the benefits of this.



Hi Sam

Thx for answer.

It is my Philips TV problem… I think. I am waiting for software upgrade.

I will buy Vero 4k but… because I’m out of the house for the first two weeks of January I’ll buy it a little bit later.

Many thanx for help.

Best regards and Marrry Christmass and Happy New Year

Hi Sam

I ordered Vero 4k today :slight_smile:

Best regards and Hapy New Year

Hi Sam

I can confirm that this problem doesn’t exist on Vero 4k. Subtitles are not flickering. Everything is ok.
I’m still testing but at this moment I must say that Vero 4k is great!

Best regards