Config.txt not loading in myOSMC

have updated config.txt via nano.

now osmc is not reading config.txt any more.

How to solve this issue?

Is there a initial config.txt to be used ?

Thanks T

I think the easiest is to revert in nano the changes you have made.

I did some changes, do not exactly realize which one caused the problem?
are comments a problem?
sequenz of command?

will try some


run grab-logs -p and share the URL than we can give advice

Hi Thanks

please see here:

Well as a start I would remove the characters you have around the = in this line
hdmi_ignore_edid_audio = 1

ok will try

done, does not help

still unable to open config dialog in myosmc

Ok, I copied your contents into a new config.txt on my system and was able to open it in MyOSMC.
So suggest you copy and paste the contents of mine into a clean one on your system and try.

If you still have an issue I suggest to enable debug logging and upload logs after you try to edit it vua MyOSMC.

Here is mine working with your content. You can directly copy it on your system.
sudo wget -O /boot/config.txt

Check the contents afterwards with cat /boot/config.txt

thanks for your support
still not working:
very strange

I had added the entry in another try:


which is deleted after I open via myOSMC.

Enable debug logging and upload logs after you try via MyOSMC

debug logging was enabled…
where can I confirm it?

try to verify it

new log here.

But you didn’t upload logs. With that command you only uploaded the config.txt file.
Full log upload grab-logs -A


Are you sure you have chosen “Open Config.txt Editor”? Because your log file does not show any entries for

do you mean : in myOSMC edit config.txt?
yes I did this.
this is the screen when I press: PI Config in myOSMC

i do see:
14:34:41.607 T:1682436864 DEBUG: osmc_settings: <OSMCSettingClass(Thread-12, initial daemon)>
14:34:41.608 T:1682436864 DEBUG: osmc_settings: False
14:34:42.248 T:1203761920 DEBUG: OSMC PI Settings extracted from the config.txt
14:34:42.248 T:1203761920 DEBUG: OSMC PI hdmi_force_hotplug : false

latest log:

Am I doing a wrong thing?

Well I don’t think that you are doing something wrong. But based on the picture above that doesn’t look right.
And I meant “Config Editor” -> Open Config.txt Editor"
But based on the picture it might also be other addons breaking it

where do I find config.txt editor? in osmc?
I only used it via myOSMC : Pi config : that is the screen

or via nano …