Configure LG remote

My LG TV remote works with Vero automatically. I didn’t have to do anything to set it up. Playback, directional buttons, and “Back” all work great. But I would like to configure additional buttons (for example the colored buttons and the buttons directly below them) to Kodi functions, such as info, subtitles, etc. Is that possible?

Assuming your controlling the vero with CEC then the answer is maybe. Your TV will only pass some of the buttons on that remote to the Vero so what you can do is download the keymap editor plugin and find a command you want to add. Click on the command and start hitting buttons on your remote (that your not already using) till you find one that responds. Rinse and repeat. On my TV I get the direction buttons, play, chapter skip, and ff/rw, and nothing else. You may be able to use the same button for multiple things depending on what you want. For example if you set a global map to do one task in the menu you can set it to do something else during full screen playback.

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Perfect, thanks. I was only able to configure a few of those buttons, but that was more than enough.

Now I have separate buttons for suspending Kodi, changing audio language, toggling subtitles, etc, it’s great!

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