Configure OSMC/Kodi GUI Without Monitor?

Could you please provide us with debug logs right after the problem happened?

Are you kidding me?

I know it’s a wireless issue because none of my other wireless devices have trouble connecting, and that has nothing to do with network shares.

@mcobit, I’ll gladly do so once I get past this point where the system is connected again. Can you link to instructions for how to obtain the log, please? Not quite sure how to do that.

Thanks for that info.

Turns out the explanation may be simpler than we thought, along the lines of what you suggested earlier. The a/c adapter might be suspect, but there was a power failure overnight when I went to the microwave - which does not have a battery backup - and i had to reset the time. If we’ve been having ‘micro-outages’ overnight, or in tandem with a dodgy a/c adapter, that would explain a great deal.

One thing - presuming an improper shutdown and restart with ethernet, I should be able to save the settings again and shut down properly, thereby preserving the configuration, yes? Or does it mean I have to re-flash the image?

In the meantime, I’m going to give Moode a shot.

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None of those quotes deal with how you confirmed the problem is with network credentials.

Could well be the power supply too.

One thing is for certain, is that you shouldn’t be having problems on every distribution you try. This suggests that either your hardware or environment is at fault.