Configure Vero4k with LICR to use Alexa skills?

Hey Guys just a question out of curiosity.
Is it possible to use the Vero4k IR transmitter and reprogram it with LICR so it can e.g Power On/Off , Change Volume, Channel etc on my TV through Alexa?
Similar to this Tutorial for the Raspberry PI:

I don’t think you’ll have luck blasting IR signals. I’d recommend looking at controlling your TV via CEC. This could then be integrated with Alexa


The only think I can not get to work is turning on my TV.
You think it’s possible to send a Power On command through Vero via CEC?

Yes – it should be possible.

Are there any tutorials on the osmc forum available or do you have any ideas where to begin first ?

You could use the cec-client application but this would require Kodi to be stopped. Instead, it would be better to develop a Python add-on. There should be documentation about this here and the Kodi forums

I will do that.
Thank you for your reply ))