Configuring categories and Nodes

Hey guys, I hope everyone is keeping safe!!
Sorry if this question has been asked before and not sure if posting in the correct category.

I have absolutely no idea how to use the “Library Node Editor” and am struggling to find/follow anything on the web/wiki.

Currently; from the " Home Screen " when a user clicks " Movies " this displays all the movies by title. There is then a folder located as the first item, that when clicked a new page displays showing all the Nodes, ( Sets, Actors, Genres, Countries, ect ect ).

My question is; how on earth am I able to add a Node that very simply points to a file location on a NAS. Much like the existing " Files " category but adding a custom one under the movie category.
Am lost, would anyone have any ideas or solutions?

Many thanks in advance and Stay Safe!

With the Estuary Skin that home menu item is pointed directly to the library and not a node so the only way to view the node with that skin is to go in and then click on the double dots. Other skins, including the OSMC skin, allow for more customization including having home menu items point to nodes. If you go this route be aware that this is all a function of the database/library. You cannot have items that are not scraped being pointed to from a node, but if you have scraped items you can have a node filter by their source path.