Configuring Samsung remote with Universal Remote function

Hi! I have recently set up brand new Vero 4K +

It seems that my Samsung remote control (model bn59-01270a) runs perfectly out of the box via CEC.

However, with this remote, I control my soundbar, which is connected to my TV via optical cable. To use volume adjust in HDMI sources, I need to configure in my Smart TV universal remote function, which is a pain.

I have tried to create a link for Vero HDMI source but none of the listed configuration in Smart TV works. If I try to end the configuration screen, I cannot use the remote at all at this source.

Should I turn off completely CEC functions in Vero and try to configure the remote via Samsung TV from scratch? Or there is another way to control Vero with Samsung built-in universal remote functions?

Does the universal remote send IR signals?
If it does – you could try a profile from My OSMC -> Remotes (and configure your Samsung to send those signals).


Yes, it has an IR blaster.
I will try and let you know, thanks!

No luck, unfortunately. I have turned on & off built in CEC module and tried to use remote profiles. None of this is compatible with this darn universal remote function.

You may need to change the remote codes on the universal remote

So, I’ve digged into the remote specs and it is actually a BT remote. IR is used only for turning on & off.

Actually, Samsung Smart TVs use two communication protocols: Anynet+ (CEC) and Universal Remote. According to the manual, Universal Remote is used for external devices that do not support CEC.

In my configuration I need to use Universal Remote, as my soundbar is connected via optical cable.

Historically, most of the devices I used through Universal Remote worked flawlessly and on each HDMI source I could control the soundbar volume and use directional keys for navigation. It worked for PS4 and Mac Mini, which I used with kodi. During the configuration process I have picked the manufacturer and voila.

However, with Vero I cannot configure it properly.

Just a side note, when creating a Universal Remote instance, I can pick one out of hundreds of manufacturers. I have tested couple of them but none of them worked.

I do not know if there is an actual solution on Vero’s side but maybe the information I have provided can lead us to some ideas.

On mac mini, after configuring Universal Remote, I could catch proper signals through Keymap editor. Maybe this could help.

Via CEC? Via Bluetooth? Via IR?

Via Bluetooth with the Universal Remote function. I have no idea how Samsung translates those remote inputs.

So you paired the remote with the PS4 and Mac Mini?

No, end devices collect data from Samsung TV Universal Remote function. BT is only used when sending signals from remote to TV.

So the actual Universal Remote is reponsible for translating remote inputs into actions on configured devices. To better understand how it works (based on my best knowledge), here is the device map:

So it’s CEC or does the TV have IR Blaster?

It cannot be CEC, because soundbar is not connected with HDMI but optical wire and I can control it with the remote.
Maybe I am confusing something but Samsung cleary distinguishes CEC (anynet+) and this universal remote function.

So is there anywhere in the manual IR Blaster mentioned?

Not in the manual itself but on some Samsung forums people mention that it has an IR blaster but it is used only to turn on & off the TV.

Well you are the one who says it is not CEC. So what else than IR blasting should it be?