Configuring scraper for directories via command line


I’ve setup OSMC RC on my Pi2 which is currently running “headless” until I get a new TV. For the moment I am using it as an audio player accessing MP3s on my NAS and playing it to my stereo via line out.

I’ve setup OSMC on my primary TV in the living room and added sources to my NAS and Linux server so OSMC can access MP3s and I can also play them via the XBMC Remote control app from my smart phone. However I forgot to activate the scraper to the directories, so the MP3 albums are not placed in the DB and the only way I can play the files is via the “Files” menu and not via “albums”, “artists”, “categories”, etc.

I was looking for a way to configure the scraper and start the scraping process via the command line, but I could not find the proper place where the scrapers are configured (i.e. where I define that source XYZ is a “movie” source, or another one is a “tv series” source, or a “mp3” source).

Where can I configure this on the command line so I can use the “update audio library” from the app to populate the DB?

Thank you!

I’d put the pi back on the primary tv in the living room and set the content on the source.