Confirmation of 'Factory Reset' process

@angry.sardine @sam_nazarko
Got it. OSMC is the OS that runs the application Kodi. Thank you both.


I will try to do this.

I will try to copy/restore only the mySQL part of the settings, if I can find it.
UPDATE: found them, and determined they can be edited with

Thats in ~/.kodi/userdata/advancedsettings.xml

I copied the contents of the working unit’s advancedsettings.xml file over to the non-working unit, which was not working because the MySQL had been disabled causing those settings to be lost. That did the trick. It’s working again now.

There were two main issues solved in this thread:
(a) restored the static IP address of the {QNAP} NAS which prevented network access, and
(b) fixed connecting to a ‘guest’ wireless network which also prevented network access.
The third one, was caused during troubleshooting and then fixed: restoring ‘lost’ MySQL shared libraries.

By the way, the MySQL password (that I had forgotten) is listed in the above file. Two related suggestions:
(1) store the last used settings/credentials, so that they are restored upon re-enable.
(2) In the GUI, for any/all password fields, give the user the option to display it or hide it, which is common if for nothing else than so that one can verify it is typed correctly.

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