Confluence look

Just did a new install for Raspberry Pi3, OSMC direct download to sd card on Mac. Loaded fine and started fine. Is the old Confluence look no longer available? For me, much easier to navigate, but I can get around ok. Just an old guy that is used to what he is used to :).

It’s still available but you need to install and enable to use it

Ok, I can take a look at downloading. From what I read, maybe might not be the best skin anyway, so I probably should just get used to the new look and feel :).

If that’s the look you want, there’s no reason you can’t use it. I believe estuary is heavier on resources than confluence to be honest.

I was also looking at a couple builds that have the confluence look and feel but for v17 Krypton. Even if I mess things up, easy fix :).

You can also try Xonfluence which is a modern mod of the original Confluence and CCM skins.