Confluence skin no longer working

my Vero 2 unit was shipped with Kodi 16 RC3 (vero2-mediacenter-osmc 15.9.9) and
Confluence skin activated.

After performing an update („apt-get upgrade") I found the OSMC skin activated (
Switching back to Confluence works for some seconds but then the unit reboots and switches back to OSMC skin.

So I tried updating again (now to, still booting with OSMC skin. If I chose the confluence skin, the device reboots immediately (and powers up with OSMC skin enabled).

Somehow the Confluence Skin seams to be broken. Any idea how to fix this?

always use apt-get dist-upgrade

You seem to have a typo in your Logfile link, please double check the spelling of the link or capture a new log.

Also for this type of problem you would need to make sure you enabled debug mode in Kodi first, then try to switch skins, then after the problem occurs immediately upload the logs without rebooting.

I did a “apt-get dist-upgrade” again - now the confluence skin “lasts” for a few seconds before the Vero 2 reboots with OSMC skin.
New Logfile: