Confusion with disabling updates

I recently rolled my Vero 4k+ back to the previous version sucessfully. After this in
myosmc I set check for update as NEVER.

To my suprise it has just installed the lastest version again. Before I roll it back again I’d like to check what I have missed ?


It can’t automatically update or install any updates without your consent. You must have selected to update when prompted. You can adjust update settings under My OSMC if you don’t want to automatically check for updates.

It will automatically check by default but can never automatically install

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Must be user error, now I have the backup on a USB and the boot USB, and know that paring the remote takes ages I will roll back again, and watch out for messages.

You don’t actually need to do that step. It is there for the new-in-box experience where there hadn’t been a previous pairing between the remote and receiver. Although it normally would be under 10 seconds. You may have a device that is sending out a strong 2.4ghz signal close to the receiver and that is adding some delay into the process.

As for the updates if in the My OSMC add-on you have set updates>schedule>how often do you want to check for updates>never then at most you should only see an update message once and if you click cancel it won’t install.

That prompt shouldn’t be coming up unless it’s a Vero V if I recall correctly

I have rolled back the update now and will keep an eye out.

Not sure what you mean by roll back. Do you mean you have reinstated it that you rolled back to the older version?

Yes used a USB stick with a backup on and another with the OSMC installer to revert to the previous version.