Connect Amazon Echo via Bluetooth

I‘m using a Vero (1st gen) and am running the 2017.01 image. If I understand the Bluetooth features of OSMC correctly, I should be able to connect an Amazon Echo via Bluetooth and use the avr that is connected to Vero to output music, right?

Echo (and for example my iPhone) sometimes show up in the OSMC settings but I can‘t connect either. Furthermore, from the Alexa app I could try to connect to my phone via Bluetooth but the Vero is not discovered. On my phone the vero is discovered but the connection attempt fails.

Was the January release too early for Bluetooth functionality or has someone made it work to connect an Echo (or a phone) to a Vero?

Did you install the A2DP package?
Not sure if we BT streaming has been tested on an Echo

Echo does not work this way. Best choice is to use an Amazon Dot which has an output for connecting to your AVR.

Edit: I see Amazon has added this feature. Sam is right though, not aware of anyone who has accomplished this successfully.

I installed the A2DP Package and could connect now, but still no audio is transmitted. It works from the phone though at least

Which A2DP protocol is supported by OSMC? A2DP SRC?
(see Help: Echo Device Is Having Bluetooth Issues)

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