Connect Raspberry Pi3 with touchscreen on Honda CRV

Hi all,

Pls help me connect Raspberry Pi3 with touchscreen on my car. Pi3 installed Kodi, but I can not use touchscreen on my car.
Tks all

I guess everyone here would be happy to help you. But to do that you would need to provide detailed technical documentation of your touchscreen including connectivity, protocols,…

I bought a car Honda CRV 2,4 on 25Mar2016. It is brand new. I don’t know detailed tech documents.

I’ve just connect my iPhone to use Sygic. And I’ve just bought Pi3 and HDMI cable. but can not use touchscreen on my car . :frowning:

If you don’t have a hdmi input on your cars’ screen and no interface for the touchscreen to connect to a raspberry pi, I guess you won’t be able to do what you want to do here.

Also I probably won’t start hacking the hardware of a brand new car if I didn’t know exactly what I’m doing.

I don’t like use CD on my car and I want use Pi3 to listen music on my car. So I can not use touchscreen to next song. I have to use keyboard and mouse to control. I search on youtube I saw someone play KODI with touchscreen. I think if this project will be good idea for all car.

I think in the one you mean, he used a custom touchscreen.
You can get the official one.