Connect to UpNP compatible device

I have used the Raspberry pi Bi model with Raspbmc quit happily over the years.
Used the Pi hooked up to TV and through UpNP connected to my NAS.
Made the connection through adding new video location and browsed to UpNP. Works fine

Now my problem
Switched to new Raspberry pi 2 with OSMC and like the user interface. But when adding another video source I like to select a UpNP device but cannot find this menu when browsing to a new location.
Can someone tell me in simple steps how to do this?

Thanks in advance for the help

Quick solution for you might be -
Settings ->Appearance and switch to Confluence skin
then it will mostly seem more familiar.
You can switch back after


Thanks that did the trick!!
UpnP also shows now up in the OSMCskin as source.

Thanks again and also for your promt response