Connecting Plex Android to Plex for Kodi

I’ve got Plex for Kodi set up on my new Vero 4k+, however when I select the “remote control” (cast?) feature on the Plex Android app, I only see an option to connect to ‘osmc’ via AirPlay, no direct connection like e.g. is possible on PMP, Plex Web or OpenPHT.

Is there a setting I missed or is this just not possible on the Plex for Kodi addon? (Connecting via AirPlay doesn’t let me control Plex for Kodi)


Seeking support from the developers of Plex would probably result in faster and more relevant information to solve your issues.

Thanks, posted there too.

Connecting Plex Android to Plex for Kodi - Desktop Players - Plex Forum for reference.