Connecting to WiFi via manual edit of some file?

I have an OSMC (2016-5.1) which I need to move to another location. At home I have Ethernet connected and no WiFi. On the new site there is no Ethernet but a WiFi network.
Now I have a hen and egg problem since I need to have the OSMC box connect to the WiFi in order to be able to talk to it…
So I want to know if there is some config file somewhere I can edit and enter the WiFi network data (SSID and password) when I am still at home running on Ethernet?
The idea is that when it starts up on the remote location it should connect to the configured WiFi network and then I can connect to it again using PuTTY.

I have plugged in an Edimax EW-7811UN into the USB port…

I have to do this changeover from time to time.
Seems just as easy to have a keyboard connected, and do it when you arrive.
I don’t think you can cater for all the problems by editing a file before you go - you may need to try changing the SSID and/or the password.

I run multiple Raspberry Pi units (Pi1, Pi+, Pi2, Pi3). All of the others run Raspbian and I can set up the WiFi connectivity very easily using SSH into a command shell on the pi, then edit the supplicant file to contain my WiFi network data.
This can be done also in a non-connected state and it will be used if the Pi discovers the network SSID and connects to it using the stored password I entered.
Very easy to do.
On OSMC it seems like there is another way to manage the WiFi networks and I have yet to find the configuration file I need to edit.
I do not have a keyboard to attach to the RPi on the new location, I only have the TV and a limited keyset remote control.

OSMC uses connman for the network manager.

You can’t edit configuration files to “pre-configure” a wireless network with connman. The command line tool for configuring connman is connmanctl but it does not allow pre-configuration of a network that you don’t yet have available.