Connecting Vero 4K to an amplifier to stream music

I have just got into Hi-Fi, I have bought a good amplifier and went to add a network streamer and was floored by the prices.

I was thinking I could connect my Vero 4K to the amp via the digital out and stream music that way, the only snag would be needing to use the TV as a display. Is there any way I can use my Vero to stream to the amp and not involve the TV? Like an app I can get for my phone that will let me control the streaming?


have a look at the kore app or yatse if you have an android device


Awesome, thanks a lot!

Works very nicely. Doing it here when I want to listen to my Music in good quality.
In case you think about also having some raspberry PI’s in your Kitchen/Badroom, don’t use Kodi with it if there is no screen. I noticed it takes quite lots of Administration tasks to actually get it to work reliably :frowning: WiFi is too sensitive. I started using LMS on my NAS (Docker container), and PiCorePlayer - which is just a player booting from SD-Card and keeping it all in RAM, and streams what the LMS sends to it. Can even play back music in sync o up to 3 players.

Works flawless.


Does anyone know how the optical out outputs audio? Will it be able to send my FLAC files over to the amp correctly? I was told on another forum that some media streamers will re-sample all 44.1K music sources to 48K and that it will not sound good.

We’re not part of the resampling crew :wink:

You should be fine.

Of course, S/PDIF only supports uncompressed audio in stereo and was never really designed for sample rates > 48k.

Thanks for all your replies.

That’s new to me especially as Coax S/PDIF connections always support 192kHz and Toslink always supports 96kHz and mostly also 192kHz… Devices may be limited to less, but the connection standard is made to support up to 192kHz sample rate.

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