Connecting Vero 4K To Tv From Different Room


If I have a Vero 4K in my office room with direct access to the modem via Ethernet and also a TV in the lounge connected via Ethernet can I play movies like that?


You can if your TV supports DLNA

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It an LG OLED E6. I just checked the specs on the website and it says ‘yes’ next to DLNA. So would it be as simple as

Vero 4K > Ethernet into modem

Modem Ethernet > TV

I just won’t get any of the fancy art work. It will just be a list of files I’m assuming?

If you media is setup on the Vero and you have the UPnP options turned on in the settings, then on the LG TV’s with WebOS you should have the name of your Vero in the “photo & video” section. You will be browsing the library, not files so you will follow a patch such as osmc>video library>movies>titles> and then you will see the individual library items with artwork, but no additional info.

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Great thank you for the info. Just ordered all the bits I need to set this up over the weekend.