Connecting Vero4k+ to synology nas

Is there a wiki on how to connect the Vero4k+ to see movies on a shared folder on my synology nas. I have tried out a few things from various posts on here without luck.

I may have even done so much that I have made things worse than before I started.

Nas is wired into router. I have tried the Vero on wireless and via a homeplug wired connection. Im fairly new to all this so dont assume I know anything. I am learning though playing with Putty and SSH but not getting anywhere forward.

Is there a step by step guide for a NAS location and connection. I take it its not as simple as mapping the drive on windows.

Thanks in advance

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Thanks fzinken,

This was one of the pages that I tried. Ive had a couple of more tries but still unsuccessful so far. I think its the seat/keyboard interface.

I will try again this weekend and see If I can get it working but at least its the correct info to start from.

I run Synology boxes and use NFS mounted via Kodi and it works perfectly. Happy to help, eg via PM, re details.

I sympathise with any difficulties you are having. When I switched from LE to OSMC I was bemused by how unintuitive OSMC was to put SMB support in an “app store”, took me a while to find it. Also, I had to tweak my settings server side for NFS before the Vero would connect, when the settings were ok for an LE Pi. But it’s worth persevering as the Vero is a great little box and the support here is great.

What settings did you need to change?
What version of LE were you running?



I posted details on Synology NFS configuration last March (see below). I recall that when I first connected the Vero, it could not see any NFS share. Within the Synology share management tool, there is an option for managing the security of the NFS connection. It’s a while ago, but I think mine was set to “No mapping” and it worked with an LE Pi. With the Vero I had to change it to one of the map-to-admin options, and everything then worked. The version of LE would have been whatever was in production early in 2018.