Connection to the Vero 4K+ is lost over some time

Hi Sam,

I would like to ask for a little help. There is a problem I encountered many times now, but my Vero 4k+ didn’t really do it that often before, however it is getting out of hand nowadays.

I keep the Vero working 24/7, it runs deluge and kodi, nothing else really. Have a 2tb hard drive attached, and that would be it. I have a keepAlive sricpt, but that’s so basic it is surely not the problem.

What happens is everyithing works fine but eventually I lose connection to the device without any interactions (sometimes after a couple of hours, sometimes after days). No ssh, no ping, and I can’t reach the deluge-web connection either, so I can’t connect to it with any previously working methods.
However the Kodi just works fine, and it says it has the static IP, and I can even see it from the router. So something goes wrong inside the Vero I believe.

Can you please help me to figure out what the problem can be? If you need logs, please tell me how to get them :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks a lot!

You say the connection is lost: what connection? SSH, a web interface? Does ping work?

Is the hard drive externally powered?


So it looks like networking has somehow stopped working.

Since Kodi is still working, you should still be able to drop into command line mode using an attached USB keyboard. See “Logging in locally”. Then issue the command grab-logs -A -C which will create a file uploadlog.txt in the /boot directory. If you reboot the Vero4K+, you can upload the log (assuming networking is now functioning) with paste-log /boot/uploadlog.txt You’ll need to tell us the URL it returns.

SSH and web-interface is gone, ping doesn’t work. The 2TB hard drive is not externally powered.

Let me try to reproduce the issue, won’t take too much time, and I will share the logs with you.


Remove the HDD or try only by connecting it to a powered hub. This may very well solve your issue.