"Connection to wireless failed"

So recently I did a fresh install of osmc on my raspi 2 and everything was working well but I realized the wireless connection I set up during the installer wasn’t working so I went to network settings and wireless and it shows all available networks but when I try to connect it just keeps failing. I’ve searched but can’t find much on this topic, any ideas?

Can you clarify a couple of things, please:

  1. was wireless working before this install, and if so what version (of OSMC?) was running?
  2. what device are you using. Can you supply name and chipset?
  3. is it possible to supply logs showing the failure?

lol, a couple of topics in the first page of the forum?
Btw, this seems an issue present in the first release of RC3. But it seems to be fixed by some later updates (in my case, it got fixed). Are you sure you did all the updates available?

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Please run updates via an Ethernet connection before attempting to connect to Wifi if you are having problems - there are at least two different fixes to improve the ability to connect to wifi released post-RC3.

Yea I was able to get it to work. Thanks guys! I appreciate it

So updating first was the solution ?

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