Connectivity issue while checking for updates


After the latest OSMC update dropped, I noticed it hadn’t auto-updated after a few days, so I ran a manual scan. My Vero 4K displays the error message “Connectivity issue while checking for updates” and the update fails. I’m not sure what’s going on; internet connection seems fine as the Vero can still pull down weather information and upload a debug log etc.

Speaking of which, here’s my logs:

It’s connected by wired ethernet and configured by DHCP.

Any advice?


Try this hotfix


Muchos gracias! That did the trick

I had the same problem, with the Hotfix a cure too and checking my original install, dates back to 2015-10-28. Thanks :blush::+1:

Had the same problem on one of my two Vero 4K+. This worked for me, too. Cheers!