Connman technology order


Is there any way that when an update happens the preferred technology order in /etc/connman.conf is maintained/persists through the update?

I have OSMC connected to a wired NAS and after some of the updates I have to go and reorder the connman file.

A minor request but I thought I’d ask.


You’ll need to explain your use case a little bit better - are you saying that your internet connection is via wifi but that you have a wired NAS connected via Ethernet ? Keep in mind that connman will also only auto-connect one interface regardless of which one you choose as the default.

We weren’t previously able to safely mark /etc/connman.conf as a debian conffile because there was no way to respond to the prompt that it could cause during an upgrade run in the OSMC updater - thus an upgrade would freeze waiting for an invisible and unanswerable question asking you which conffile to use if you had edited a conffile.

We’ve recently made some changes to the handling of conffiles in our APT system to (hopefully) avoid this occurring, so we may be able to go back and reconsider marking some of our custom configuration files as conffiles in their packages to allow user customisations to not be overwritten.

It’s not a high priority but I’ve made a note to have a look at it at some point. (It needs careful testing to make sure its safe and doesn’t cause the update process to hang)

Thanks for the detailed reply.


My connection to the intenet and remote is via wifi, the ethernet is used purely to mount another pi acting as a file server via NFS.

When an update occurs and the order of the connman file is reordered, OSMC connects to the ethernet first and I lose connectivity. In this case I have to reboot OSMC without the ethernet cable connected and reorder the connman file to gain internet/remote connectivity.

This was a minor request and if there was a better way to do things then I’m open to suggestions.