Consider adding second HDMI port for Audio only

On future iteration of Vero, consider adding a second HDMI port to be used for audio only. The idea is to have one port connected to display and the audio only port connected to AVR. This feature is commonly found on premium Blu-ray player.

Audio only HDMI port is ideal if you upgraded your TV but want to reuse existing AVR, or you want to bypass video upscaling coming from the AVR.

While Vero 4K does have optical out, you are limited to lossy multichannel audio.


We could add another HDMI port but we’d need to do this with an I2S bridge.

This would add a significant cost, particularly with remolding – so I’m not sure it makes sense for all of our users. We have other plans for I2S in the future.

By the time we could bring such a product to market, I’m wondering if the need for separate HDMI video and HDMI audio might be diminished significantly as people upgrade their home theatre equipment. If we started today, this would take about 12 months…


Understandable if cost is an issue.

Would it be possible for Raspberry Pi 4, since it does have two HDMI ports?

Eventually, yes it should be possible.