Consistent crash on same movie

Hi all, I rip my movie’s using makemkv and have one that always crashes at exactly the same part. I’ve ripped it several times to no avail, always the same crash. Https://

  1. You need to enable debugging to create a useful log file, see How to submit a useful support request - General - OSMC

  2. It helps if you provide mediainfo of your file. Please see the mediainfo section in How to submit a useful support request - General - OSMC.

  3. Assuming from what I saw in your log that you try to play John Wick? Seems that already gave other people headaches Search results for 'John Wick' - OSMC Forums

Sorry about that, I rarely have a issue I cant figure out by reading the forum. I’ll get that info out correctly.

Well crossread the threads under point 3, it might be an issue with the movie

Didn’t seen my particular issue searching the forum. Heres a screenshot of the media info and I’ll upload the debug logs asap

Not sure what you mean with that as the search I linked you to clearly showed people having playback issues with John Wick 2. While that reports were related to playback on Vero4k the likelihood that the also a apply for the Raspberry Pi are high.
My gut feel is that file has quite some high bitrate parts that are troubling the decoder

The reason I say I didn’t see my particular Issue is because I have files that have much higher bitrates and larger file size’s. The only similarity Ive found is consistent crashing of a file. That being said Im almost hoping it isnt the file.

The similarity is “John Wick 2”

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I owe you a apology fzinken, I went through the logs and it was the 7.1 audio " too many audio". I switched it to 5.1 and presto no crash. It was the John Wick 2 movie.