Constant crashes with new raspi 3 and latest OSMC

I thought I’d just bite the bullet and get a new raspberry pi 3, to replace my older v1. I installed the latest OSMC using the installer program from OSMC, using a new micro sd card. I’m getting constant crashes. Adding video and music sources, trying to install a different skin, etc.


Did you get a respective power supply? the Pi3 demands 2.5A
If you didn’t get a new power-supply consider OSMC Raspberry Pi Power Supply 2.5A - OSMC

I bet that’s it. I think my power supply is too small.

[quote=“fzinken, post:2, topic:35880, full:true”]
the Pi3 demands 2.5A[/quote]

Do you know if a larger power supply is needed if the pi3 is connected to a usb audio interface? The usb audio is powered from the usb port.

Well if you only have a USB audio connected than it should be fine.
Just ensure that you get a proper powersupply (as the OSMC one).