Constant update requests

On a raspberry pi2 and upgraded to latest release at 31 August.Keep getting constant requests to update Osmc when the system is already updated. Going through the additional update request does not change anything. Why is this happening and how do i stop it??

Are you updating via MyOSMC or by using apt-get dist-upgrade at the command line ? If the latter, this will not clear the “updates available” notice on the home screen, only updating via the My OSMC updater will clear that.

If you are updating via My OSMC, then we would need to see full debug logs from the log uploader or we would only be guessing.

I had exactly the same problem until just recently and I’m not sure why it stopped, but it hasn’t prompted me to update in over a week or so. It used to do it daily (but only with automatic update checks, never with manual checks). But of course, as soon as I posted here, it quit. Go figure.

We did push a number of very minor updates (all to diskmount-osmc) over a few days last week, it may have just been that you noticed.

My Pi is set to “notify” and I’ve seen a number of updates appear. I often wonder what is in each update, but the main blog only lists the monthly updates so I feel in the dark.

I have googled but haven’t found more information… is there a page that lists all the minor updates?

The original intention was only to push out updates once a month and provide a blog post listing all the user-visible features/improvements when doing so, however the August release included both a major Kodi update from Helix to Isengard, and a major Linux kernel update from 3.18 to 4.1.

It turns out that the initial Isengard release had a number of very significant bugs which only became apparent when lots of users started using it so rather than waiting a whole month to fix what were serious problems for some people we worked quickly to resolve the issues and in doing so pushed out a number of successive bug fix updates over the following days as soon as we had specific problems fixed.

Likewise the Linux 4.1 kernel update also caused a number of issues including TV tuner issues for some users and unreliable external disk mounting for a small percentage of users, so we were working on these issues too. For small “face-palm” type bug fixes especially if they are affecting a lot of users it makes sense to push them out without waiting for the monthly updates, but we won’t add user visible features in such an update, they will be kept for monthly updates.

Hopefully next months update will go a lot smoother and we won’t need to push any mid-month updates - there won’t be a big version jump for either Kodi or the Linux kernel, and problems with those were behind the majority of issues that people noticed, rather than the update process itself.

As for a log of the development process - apart from the monthly blog summary there isn’t really, except for the git repository where all of the changes are committed. If you are interested in seeing some of the development process you can see that here:

and the commit history is here:

All of the OSMC Debian packages you’ll find here:

Not everything you see here is in release code (but most eventually will be in a following update) but it gives an idea of what we’re working on and what is being fixed ahead of release, if you have a technical bent or like to see what’s going on behind the scenes.