Constantly getting sad smiley while booting

Im running OSMC rc3 on an RPI 1 model b+.
Since today I constantly get a bad smiley on startup.
The system runs however, I can ssh into the pi, but the mediacenter seems to have problems.

I looked at the ~/.osmc/kodi.log and kodi.old.log but I don’t know what actually causes the crash

I uploaded the two recent logs to

Note: I recently installed an apache2 server with svn modules, and I also executed apt-get update and upgrade. It worked for several days afterwards but maybe I created some trouble there…

anyone has an idea? Can I somehow collect more info on what happened?

Did you change the built in webserver port in Kodi to something else other than port 80 before installing apache ? Try disabling the apache service and then reboot - if Kodi starts OK then just turn off the built in webserver or change the port to something other than 80 so they don’t clash…

There’s nothing in your log files to indicate a problem - all I see is Kodi booting up and then doing an orderly shutdown. Nothing that would indicate a crash.

If it’s not the port conflict you’re going to need to enable debug mode using advancedsettings.xml to capture a full debug log: