Content of ARTE Mediathek app not loading

I have installed the ARTE Mediathek add-on but unfortunately get an error message. I cannot interpret the log … the first part was done without debug logging turned on. The second one was done with debug logging.

Can anyone pls. give me a hint, what’s going wrong here?

Did you contact the add on developer?

Yes, I did contact the developer, but haven’t heard anything back, yet.

I can recommend the ARDundZDF plugin. It also provides access to Arte mediathek.

Regards, Michael

Thanks Michael!

I tried both add-ons.
With the ARD Mediathek I could also access some Arte content :-).
The ZDF Mediathek, though, did not work either displaying the same error like the Arte Mediathek add-on. So I guess I have an issue on my system …


Can also try the Mediathekview App

Arte Mediathek add-on does not work either.
Interestingly, Arte +7 add on works.