Continuity error tvheadend

Hi I am plagued with distortion of my picture and few drops of audio.

Looks like the guys at libreelec are having the same problem since the switch to kernel 4.9

I was wondering if i was the only one? I would also like to downgrade to 4.8 to see if it is the same error.

I think that this is an upstream issue.

Thanks for a link to the thread. I’ll keep an eye on it. Once there’s a fix
we will include it.


You’re, not the only one. I had to downgrade to the April release to get rid of these annoying continuity errors.

What if i re-install to the latest known kernel (April release) and mark the kernel on hold would i still get my kernel upgraded after that if i do my updates via the osmc addon?

You can try it but you’ll be running a unsupported version of OSMC

A bug has been reported on this issue. Hopefully will get patched in soon.

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The cause of the issue was found.
@sam_nazarko can you include this patch in OSMC?

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See Green Artifacts on HD Channels Tvheadend - #53 by sam_nazarko

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